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*Official Star Beach website has been closed*

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:23 pm
by admin
Dear Co-Owners, tenants and fans of Star Beach Condominiums,

the 2013 Committee of Star Beach Condominiums has come to the conclusion that unlike other condominiums, Star Beach does not need an official website - or at least, that to provide one, is not worth 2,000 Baht a year...

I have kept everything up to date only by myself and for free so far, contributed my know-how and time, but frankly, at least the small yearly fees should be shared by the co-owner's community...

Accordingly, the parts of the website aimed at improving communication between co-owners, the document archive and sections aimed at attracting tenants for the benefit of all co-owners trying to rent their units have been removed by the end of the current payment cycle of the site, April 2013. What remains is not affiliated with Star Beach Juristic Person anymore but continued as a private and more general site. Let's hope that future representatives will have a more farsighted take again.

kind regards,

Re: **Official Star Beach website closed**

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:52 pm
by bob
The management and certain members on the committee don't want other opinions expressed openly. I think many of the posts are ridiculous and just rants with little meaning. Still everybody has a right to to express themselves and I realize that my opinion isn't the end all.

Re: **Official Star Beach website closed**

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 12:34 am
by richey
Yeah some could call it ironic that the same people who ranted about the last comittee 'not acting democratic and transparent' (lol!) are now behind shutting down the only means for co-owners abroad to actively involve themselves in what's going on or to ask questions. Particularly the latter one seems to be considered as a problem by a few individuals, and I have a clue why that may be...
The official reason given tor the takedown is an insult to everyone's intelligence, right after a big and general round of bonuses - regardless if earned or not - had been paid (of course without asking the co-owners for their opinions about that, just weeks before at the chance of the AGM/EGM).

Let's just hope the majority of future committees acts more in the interest of the building again instead out of personal interests or ties. :roll:

Re: *Official Star Beach website has been closed*

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 11:37 pm
by admin
Ironically, we're 7 years later than the intial post now, and after the commitee had decided to have a website again in 2017,
exactly the same (!) people decided to "recommend suspending" the website again "to the AGM".

Well, well, well…

Since the commitee members (including the father of one committee member by proxy) comprise voting power enough to basically make every decision they want (and disregard what the other co-owners want), they overruled the attending AGM co-owners and put yet another suspension sentence on our website*. What a joke! :lol:

All of that to - so the official reasoning - save a whopping 4500 Baht a year (how sensible!), and to 'avoid negative discussions' on the website (well, you get the idea what this is really about, as there was never any discussion on our site since 2013 8-) ).

So let's repeat:

2010: decision to have a website
2013: decision to shut it down
2017: decision to have a website
2020: decision to shut it down.

Efficient work, dear Keith, Rene, Wym, Dorus, Roch & Co.!

I will continue to maintain this website here (with it's new and different domain name) to advertise my own apartments and apartments of other co-owners they want to put up for rent or sale. Everyone is also free to continue to use the discussion board for discussions about life in Pattaya and other topics you're interested in.


* (the most hilarious aspect of it is that the commitee member who together with his father mainly focus on rental business shot themselves in the foot by removing a free platform that could have helped them to rent their units much easier. But well, sometimes emotions weigh more than ratio as we know.)